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We provide yoga & movement  classes allowing your little apes to move, play & breathe

Our purpose is to create a playful and inclusive environment promoting physical and emotional well-being

 We teach children to find joy and balance in life through playing yoga in a safe, serene, and welcoming space that embraces the child's full potential and nurtures a life filled with joy.

our Vision:

To support people internationally, creating a community by providing recipes , education, movement and fun.

our Values:


Every day's a school day! We want to learn and grow at every opportunity.


For children and adults of all ages and abilities.


We approach all learining and any activity through play.


bringing families together to learn, grow and play.

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"You are BRAVER
than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
than you think"

AA Milne

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During lockdown 1.0 I wrote & self published a childrens book! Click on the button below to learn more.....


Yoga provides a safe space for children to slow down and understand that relaxing is not only ok but encouraged. As a result, they are more likely to be positive and optimistic about life and less likely to succumb to mental health issues.

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What people say


"These colorful movement cards are a great way to get my kids moving and talking about all the different animals. The cards encourage kids to build up their confidence while also introducing mindfulness. Adults could use these too."

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